Waste reduction and recycling

Conserving resources

  1. Provide correctly labelled recycling bins to collect waste so that it can be recycled easily, either by your office waste contractor or willing volunteers

  2. Avoid the use of bottled water – either use a plumbed-in water chiller or chill water in re-usable bottles in your fridge

  3. Use mugs and glasses instead of disposable cups

  4. Don’t put paper recycling trays on desks, as evidence shows people use less paper if the recycling facilities are not so convenient

  5. Encourage the use of scrap paper for making notes and taking messages, instead of Post-it notes and memo pads

  6. Staple-less staplers make recycling of documents easier

  7. Archiving software and electronic document management solutions can greatly reduce the need for paper in the office

  8. Encourage your customers and suppliers to accept invoices by email and payments online

  9. Promote the use of pdf brochures and datasheets instead of glossy printed ones

  10. Encourage staff to use public transport instead of personal cars where possible (consider setting up a car sharing scheme)