Heating, lighting and ventilation

Reduce energy use and cost

  1. If you have fluorescent fittings which contain multiple tubes, consider removing some, especially near windows where less artificial light is required.

  2. Remind people to switch off lights in meeting rooms and toilets when not in use

  3. Consider turning the central heating thermostat down a degree or two

  4. Check that your central heating timer is set correctly – in particular, you may find that the heat generated by people and equipment means you can turn off the heating earlier in the afternoon without affecting comfort

  5. Encourage staff to turn down the heating instead of opening windows if it becomes too warm in winter

  6. Encourage staff to open windows instead of using the air conditioning if it becomes too warm in summer

  7. Consider setting your air conditioning thermostat a few degrees higher and if it has a timer, adjusting it to run for shorter periods

  8. Check that air conditioning is never used at the same time as heating

  9. Consider changing your dress code to encourage people to dress for the seasonal weather instead of relying on artificial heating and cooling

  10. Discourage staff from using electric fan heaters and desk fans to supplement the ambient heating and cooling