Helping you lead on environmental and social impact

The days are long gone when sustainability was an altruistic add-on. To compete today, businesses need to demonstrate their commitment to avoiding negative environmental and social impacts. Customers are increasingly choosing to shop with ethical and responsible brands; candidates are actively choosing employers based on their commitment to fairness and transparency. Corporate social responsibility is now embedded into the procurement processes of many leading businesses and plays an increasing role in supplier selection. External risks like climate change and pandemics require companies to prepare and adapt to ensure resilience. Most small to medium-sized businesses don't have in-house expertise to address these challenges - this is where I can help.

Analysing the Numbers

Compliance healthcheck

Reviewing your organisation's compliance with applicable legislation and making recommendations for improvement

Working from Home

Policies and processes

Creating policies and processes to drive your transition towards sustainable and resilient business

Team Meeting

Writing bids and tender responses

Helping you increase your win rate for contracts where sustainability is a prerequisite


"I could always count on Tracey for her honest opinion and constructive feedback, making her one of my favored sounding boards to bounce off ideas for the EMEA territory."

HWK - Managing Director

“She understands marketing strategy and the benefit of having a strong CSR policy. She can implement and deliver when required, and network at C level easily.”

CE - Partner Manager

"Tracey Rawling Church is one of a kind. She truly believes in sustainable business and ensures it always pays to be green.”

DI - Commercial Director

"Tracey's passion for sharing her knowledge and giving support led to our Recruitment Agency becoming one of the first ISO14001 certified agencies in the South West. A truly inspirational sustainability professional."

LJW - Business Development Manager

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